vehicular sex

he first used it to describe his first date.
Yeah so at the drive-ins, we started jeepin'.
by none of yo busin May 26, 2000
Top Definition
To have a sexual relationship with someone other then your significant other.
Taken from the movie Clueless:


Woman, why don't you be answering any of my pages?


I hate when you call me Woman!


Where you been all weekend? What's up? You been
jeepin' around behind my back?
by HeatherH June 17, 2005
fuckiing in a jeep, vehicular sex
i was jeeping last night with jim and my head kept getting knocked into the dome light
by j lea February 18, 2004
The art of driving like a maniac through all sorts of terrain, college campuses, and bike trails. Sometimes Jeepin is done best after a few cocktails or bud light limes.
Jon- Go jeepin up that hill and run over that big hairy Scottish looking bastard that's singing Rhianna.

Ryan- Yea run him over I can smell him from here!

Randy- No problem boys! Were Jeepin.
by Mike Untstinks May 12, 2010
A hybrid of the words jeep and creepin', that is to say cheating on someone in a car.
Murray Duvall (Clueless) - You been jeepin' behind my back?
by Jekope February 14, 2010
the utterly awesome things that you do with your freinds and jeep. must include non normal things like parking on snow banks, racing raptors on a bay etc. can only be done in jeeps.
Chris, Ben, and I went jeepin on the bay the other night. We raced snowmobiles, raptors, and did all sorts of other jeeplike things.
by tyler jezowski February 08, 2009
taking a perfectly good vehicle and subjecting it to horrific non-roads going about 3mph with your teeth chattering and your spleen bumping up into your nostrils
We went jeepin last weekend and I still haven't managed to get my balls to come down out of my throat.
by Weezie Jefferson August 22, 2003
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