a pretty kickass truck. I'm running a 94 Grand Cherokee with 133,000 miles and I've had very little trouble with it. For a 4.0, it's pretty ballsy.
The only people that hate Jeeps, have never driven one.
#jeep #awesome #sweet #kickass #power
by niffirg July 03, 2006
My jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2, 4 spd auto had 202k miles on it, and still hit 100 driving to the lake with snow tires. I passed most trucks, when this thing is full time 4x4. Last winter i unfortunitely flipped over (slide off the road, flipping into this guys driveway). I walked out with a small 1 inch scratch...spent a hour work on it and started it right back up. By far the most safest, comfrotable truck(jeep) ever made. Goes to show, american auto engineering is ungodly compared to most countries. I highly recommend this truck.
It's just a hands down good truck, last forever, safe, and decent power...a few mods could beat most rwd trucks. Oh and i have to put the word jeep in, so there ya go.
#jeep #grand cherokee #cherokee #5.2 #mopar #crystler #ungodly
by alexwilson321321 October 15, 2006
We have a 2002 Grand Cherokee Limited Edition. V8 4.7L. I beat my friends Mustang up to 140km/hr off the line- then the weight of the SUV kicked in and he caught and passed me.
I live in Saint John, New Brunswick and I drive too damn fast
by Jordan October 11, 2004
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