shittiest piece of shit ever shit out of an asshole. tend to break down frequently. especially when gay people are in them.
Straight girl: lets go some were in my jeep

Gay girl: ok, but you know it hates me lemme rub it first and call it sexy.

Jeep: "fucking fagot" *makes awful sound and doesnt start*

Gay girl: Fuck Jeeps!

Straight Girl: Fuck you!

Gay girl: =]
by Maddiefuckinfox October 14, 2009
Over-priced, over-hyped american produced junker that GM will never bother to re-engineer as they realize there will always be a confederacy of dunces willing to dole out the cash.
I cannot believe the radio was stolen out of my soft-top jeep wrangler again!


I can barely afford my 4-cynlinder jeep payments and my dues to the frat!
by donkeyrinse July 15, 2005
The most kick ass vehicle ever. Common reffered to their "nick" names, usually having a "J" in them.

1984—2001 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)
1993–1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ)
1999–2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ)
2005–present Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK)
1987-1995 Jeep wrangler (YJ)
1996-2006) Jeep Wrangler (TJ)
2007-Present Jeep wrangler (JK)
2002-2007 Jeep Liberty (KJ)
2007-Present Jeep Liberty (KK)
2006-Present Jeep Commander (XK)
1945-1986 Jeep CJ (CJ5 Cj7 CJ8 CJ10 Cj2a ect.)
1986–1992 Jeep Comanche (MJ)

Jeeps are legends. There is no doubt about it.
Ever time someone calls a Jeep a car, God kills a kitten. Please, think of the kittens. ;)
"Yeah, the dude had a sweet XJ. Jeeps rock"
by Ripples October 16, 2007
An American built 4x4 which still remains legendary today. An off-roading icon that none have matched.
'your car may go faster, but my Jeep can go anywhere.'
by jssoh March 03, 2007
In 90's hip-hop, the word jeep is used to describe any SUV, regardless of manufacturer.
Notorious B.I.G. (1994):Cause I'm knee deep in the beats
In the Land Cruiser Jeep with the Mac-10 by the seats

Missy Elliot (1997): Beep beep, who got the keys to the Jeep? V-r-rrrrrrrooooom! (In the music video she's in an H1)
by Gabulldogs123 July 28, 2008
Non-derogative slang term used for Indians (from India). The term does not distinguish between Hindi, Sikh etc, but rather goups anyone of Indian descent together.
There are more Jeeps in Sunnyvale, CA than any other city in Silicon Valley.
by Greg Steven September 17, 2006
Yet another form of overcompensation for small dicked loosers, along with the SUV and the Truck.
Driving a jeep helps me to cope with my microscopic penis. Look out ladies, I'm a small dicked idiot dumbass loser.

Me(after vomitting): Get away from me you disgusting freak, I'm going out with the guy in the little honda, toyota, etc. that just cut you and your stupid looser mobile off.
by greengirl123 October 27, 2006

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