Verb, i.e. To Jeep, Jeeping, Jeeped, etc.

The action of parking a very short car such as a Jeep (Smartcars and other short vehicles apply) deep within a parking spot, rendering it invisible to vehicles which may be scouting for room to park.
Person A: Hey look, there's an open parking spot right there.
Person B: No wait, it's taken.
Person A: Damn, we just got Jeeped!
by CrazyCarl2 June 24, 2011
The best off-roading vehicles ever. Especially the Wrangler. This off-roading beast has been around since 1942. This is not a slang word for SUV's, Jeep is a compony that produces the best off- roading vehicles. The Wrangler comes with available hard top or soft top witch both come off.

Jeep's are also none as "The world's #1 Hummer and Range Rover recovery vehicles!"

If you ever call a Jeep a car, a puppy dies. Please think of the puppies before you talk.

Over All Jeep's Rule!!!
Hannah: Are you going to pick me up in your car?

Henry: Its a Jeep, you just killed a puppy!

~Dead Puppy~
by echoecho123 June 12, 2011
A person whose eyes are set closer together than normal, like the headlights on a Jeep.
Patty's face is cute, except she's a Jeep, man.
by George P. June 18, 2008
not a car, not a truck, not a jeep, Nothing
Tim: you drive a jeep !
peter: yep, life is bad and im waiting to die
tim: hey you must also drive a volvo !
by im better than you October 26, 2006
- A term used to describe any 4 wheel drive vehicle, mostly by Irish people because their accent makes it to hard to say "four by four" or "ess you vee".
-I just bought a jeep!
-What type?
- A short wheel base Mitsubishi Pajero for towing the cattle trailer and moving some bales.
-They're good jeeps!
by waakawakawingwong April 23, 2009
a vehicle that when used in any off road environment, besides a dirt road, will usually break something.

Jeep...there's always something to fix

Junk Each and Every Part

They wrote the book on four wheel drive...but it was a sad story
I got your Jeep it hurts when I pee...
by ed$$ December 11, 2004
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