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A person whose eyes are set closer together than normal, like the headlights on a Jeep.
Patty's face is cute, except she's a Jeep, man.
by George P. June 18, 2008
55 57
to sleep around or cheat
"i'm a player,she knew i was bound to jeep"
by soseriouslygrown May 30, 2008
44 47
Verb, i.e. To Jeep, Jeeping, Jeeped, etc.

The action of parking a very short car such as a Jeep (Smartcars and other short vehicles apply) deep within a parking spot, rendering it invisible to vehicles which may be scouting for room to park.
Person A: Hey look, there's an open parking spot right there.
Person B: No wait, it's taken.
Person A: Damn, we just got Jeeped!
by CrazyCarl2 June 24, 2011
6 10
Acronym for "Junky Eastern European Product"
My Jeep was made in Germany.
by oldestof6 October 15, 2008
101 105
a vehicle that when used in any off road environment, besides a dirt road, will usually break something.

Jeep...there's always something to fix

Junk Each and Every Part

They wrote the book on four wheel drive...but it was a sad story
I got your Jeep thing...now it hurts when I pee...
by ed$$ December 11, 2004
339 343
The grandaddy of all 4x4s.
Jim drives a jeep.
by Dr. Footjob December 15, 2010
26 31
Ugly box on four wheels which cant even manage to get over 20 mpg highway over its 50 years
What is that piece of shit?

Why, its a Jeep!
by Lbayncha1 February 18, 2009
151 156