Acronym for Just Enough Eduction To Post. Used widely in U.S. Air Force security forces to describe a new flight member.
Hey, JEEP, you see those fucking planes? They have officers in them, yeah? So why the fuck aren't you saluting them?
by SFHG April 09, 2009
Thin old men who in actual fact are younger than they look. They terrorise neighbourhoods telling everyone how things were different in their day. Unfound obsession with the word JEEP. Reasons why are unknown, They greet eachother by shouting the word.
Hello there fellow JEEP
Oh no its the JEEPs again!
by Adam Cooper September 16, 2005
A U.S. military acronym pronounced as "jeep", but actually spelled as "J.E.P." It's short for Junior Enlisted Personnel. New enlistees or the new guys in the unit are called jeeps. Used widely in the Air Force and Army.
"Hey, jeep, go pick up a roll of flightline and a bucket of prop wash."
by pedicabber April 22, 2005
The most kick ass off road vehicles on the planet. Makes your Chevys and Fords looks like complete shit. Oh and by the way, jeep is a fucking auto company, not a generic term for other small piece of shit suv's. No, your Kia Sorento or Hyundai Santa Fe is not a Jeep, so keep that name out your fucking mouth.
Al: Hey nice Jeep.
Joe: It's not a Jeep you asshat! It's a Suzuki Sidekick.

Vince: I like you car.
Hal: What the fuck did you call my ride!? It's a Jeep you fucktard!
by 5345235235 December 06, 2006
A jeep is a japanese peep there were 101 jeeps spotted on York town on a saturday in January JEEP CITY!!!
(Captain Charisma)
101 Jeeps was spotted today!
by Nick Elsom March 11, 2005
the most amazingly fun game on the face of the planet.

similar to the 'punchbug' game but using only jeeps.

each jeep called on the opponent in the game is worth one point. with the exception of blue jeeps which are worth 2 points. unless if its dj's jeep then you get 10 points, and if you can catch him you get 20.

jeep trucks are worth 10 points because they are rare. blue jeep trucks are worth 15.

jeep strollers are worth 3 points.

calling a jeep involves yelling the word jeep when you see one and then poking your opponent within 25 seconds of calling a jeep.

double jeeping is the most offensive thing you can do in this game. it involves calling a jeep on your opponent that has already been called on you. you lose 25 points.

wrongly jeeping involves calling a jeep on your opponent that is not actually a jeep. it causes you to be out of the game for 25 minutes. during this period others can jeep you but you cannot jeep others.

there is never really a winner to this game. even though certain jeep fuckers think they win for that. it really just makes them into a whore.
person 1: JEEP BLUE!!

person 2: DAMN it !!

person 2: wait thats not really a jeep! your out for 25 minutes

person 1: FUCK!

person 2: JEEP!

person 1: hey i jeeped you on that one 2 minutes ago! you just DOUBLE JEEPED ME!! you lose 25 points!

person 2: fuck.
by jeepkid September 30, 2006
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