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a guy who is so vicious you cannot comprehend his viciousness. he kicks so much ass that he is an ass kickin machine and all the ladies come flockin to honey. jed is the master, the one ruler of all! he is the one man able to kick ass on a daily basis, and he could bang your mom so quick, she wouldnt know where the intense pleasure came from! to simplify, jed is the master biatch!!!!!!
Wow man, i sure wish i could be jed! he sure is cool! i wish i had the mad bitches jed gets!!!
by bob April 14, 2004
A young teenage boy who spends most of his time in the woods, collecting his food. His food consists of mainly squirrels & occasionally a cat. He enjoys spending most of his spare time in his basement, playing pool & watching whatever is on the tv. He is also a hoarder. His best friend is his pet bunny.
Person 1- what's poppin at jed's tonight man?
Person 2- oh, you know. just chillin with the usual crowd at jed's basement, playing pool of course, but the 8 ball has gone missing.

Person 1-oh well, im sure we can find one somewhere in that hoarder's basement.
by montoya567 August 11, 2011
Just Escaped Downs Syndrome. A person, generally a female with an underbite that has difficulty carrying on with her day to day activities

Mike "Hey check out that retard sitting beside those skanks in class"
Trevor "I know, looks like shes got a bad case of JEDS"
by Dr. Mockery March 17, 2009
Blackest Man Alive. The Darkness.
Person: Yo, dawg why is it so dark here?
Other person: Jed just walked in.
by SupahFlyy November 11, 2010
1) A first class faggot lady boy who bums his rabbit

2) A dead cats tail that has been skinned and cooked in soup

3) Incestuous man
"Poor Fudge, someone anally raped him"
"Must have been a Jed"
by jedisthebest June 12, 2013
A male child who resembles a cabbage patch doll.
by TeamJesus August 04, 2012
Pl. Jeds
A slang term used to desribe a person who has sexual/intimate relations with their cousins and possibly other close family members. Today, it is commonly used to describe people who have no social skills, are unintelligent or just look stupid. Its origins come from a large, wealthy private school that was large enough to form its own upper class suburb in the north shore of Sydney, Australia.
"Stop spooning your cousin you jed!"

Person one: "Hey Andy I don't think i'll go out on saturday night 'cause I have to watch the third season of Gossip Girl."
Person Two: "Seriously, you are such a jed."
by Anon1991_2010 June 16, 2010
Being Jealous; a hater; envious
Keisha: Hey Aiesha, your hair looks too through. Why did you get your hair like that anyway?

Aiesha: Aww Keisha, don't be J'ed. You can have your hair look like this also if you took the time to go the the Shop to get it done.
by Dee July 23, 2004