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The act of greed, or of being greedy
Smith got jealous playing Tony Hawk 3.
Instead of passing the ball, Smith got jealous and wasted a scoring opportunity by shooting wide.
by superpat July 05, 2003
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There are 2 types of jealousy. The most correct definiton would be the feeling of being threatened by a rival in a romantic relationship or losing something of value to another person which happens to be yours already. This is what I consider the correct definiton.

The second is type of jealousy is more like Envy. Envy is a hatred/bitterness towards another person for having an advantage that YOU don't have. For instance, envious/jealous behavior such as a friend has a nice new car and instead of being truly happy for them you badmouth them or the car or make up something ridiculous because YOU can't afford it yourself. If someone has money and YOU don't you say they recieved it through less than stellar means. If someone is more talented than YOU you say their work isnt as good as anyone thinks or they are just lucky. This kind of 'jealousy' is destructive and displays itself as having a bad attitude towards the object of the envy and also being passive aggressive.
1. Cher was jealous when her relationship with her boyfriend was threatened.

2. Mike was jealous of her because he didn't have any nice things. He had no happiness so he didnt want her to have any either.
by Zelda333 February 12, 2008
684 153
when someone dosent like another for no known reason other than not being like them. They wish they were like them so much that they start to hate themselves and tell people they hate the person they are jealous yet theres no real reason other than that person dosent think you're good enough. The jealous individual will do anything to see the one hes jealous of fall. For instance spread rumors, bully them, try to make it look like they are bigger than he is, etc.. at the same time they try to imitate you.
Michael was so jealous of him he went to incredible lengths to see him fall.
by sav3 September 20, 2007
343 152
Not only is jealously is an act of greed, it's also being insecure in oneself.
Sarah is jealous of Brandy because she wants what Brandy has. Sarah will do anything to hurt Brandy because she doesn't like herself. So Sarah lives her miserable life in an illusion and never gets what she wants because she wastes her time looking at all the Brandy's in the world.
by Happy to be Me! March 27, 2004
269 186
When you realize you aren't as smart, pretty or rich as another girl. You basically don't have the goods to get anything in life because you are facially bankrupt as well as financially and have had a hard life.

You lack the responsibility or brains and beauty to get ahead and realize you're a 24 year old single mom with nothing going for you but a crack habit.
Sarah was angry about never getting the male attention. She got so angry about being a failure in life that she had to come on urban dictionary to hate on a girl.

She had nothing in her life but put on a front that others are jealous of her to cover up her pathetic life.

She was really jealous of others.
by jeuee November 13, 2008
117 85
Being jealous is wanting to keep what you have and guarding it from other people. Being possessive. Not wanting others to touch your stuff.

Jealousy is very often confused with envy (the desire to be like someone else, or have their possessions), but they are not the same.
"Jealously guarded"
"As a lawyer, I jealously guard the attorney-client privilege"
"I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God," - Exodus 20:5
by CalmEddie January 23, 2013
25 17
Verb or Noun that describes any situation that elicits ill will or adverse consequences. Popularized via Twitter; often displayed like so: #jealous.

Jealous, Jealous'd, Jealo,
My boss just told me I have to come in on Saturday. I can't believe how he just jealous'd the shit outta me!

We just got hit with the Jealous; we just ran out of drinks and the liquor store is closed.
by 2dollarBill September 14, 2010
31 27
verb; to actually be envious of someone; accuse someone of being envious of what you have
Person 1: I like your minivan it's so pimped out. The 13" rims are mad
Person 2: Don't jealous.
by who wants som Cash Money!!! June 02, 2006
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