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jealous bitch can be used to describe a person (either male or female) or a group of people, showing jealousy about other's acheivement and talk bad around for nonsense.
Chinese A: Japs are provoking China by claiming our Diaoyu Island recently. What a fucked up country?
Chinese B: Those dip shit in the tiny islands cannot handle our GDP overpass them, and their economy is in deep shit now. They are just bunch of jealous bitch.
Chinese A: Yeah, let us nuke those jealous bitch again now.

Chinese B: I will burn my shit honda civic.
by A#131642 September 30, 2012
a bitch that's just jealous and talks trash about you
jealous bitch: that girl is so fugly she thinks she is the shit
girl: oh that's just a jealous bitch
by what girl? April 12, 2005
People that go out of their way to put you down in hopes of boosting their own self-confidence, only because they're jealous of you.
They're such jealous bitches, look at how they just dissed you on facebook! They sure showed us!
by Sylvia Winters August 12, 2010