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The Chav's haven for 'smart' clothing.

Overpriced 'branded' designer (if you consider Nike/Adidas/Puma that) sports gear that is the cornerstone of the upperclass Chav's/Wally's/Scally's dressing style (lowerclass Chavs will resort to bootleg, counterfeit goods on market stalls). A Store containing everything from street corner ranges to 'Look at me blad, gayn to ma bredrins funeral/weddin layyk..check ma shoes innit doh' occasional clothing. Though clothing from that store is regarded as stylish - especially around the SE , E and N postal areas in London , the rest of the country and of society regard it as trash.
The Chav's idea of looking smart and stylish is buying a t-shirt from 'JD Sports' (laaaykkkk) , keeping the tagging, probably 'Nike' , a pair of grey, expensive jogging bottoms and topping it off with trainers the colour of the rainbow, also costing a weeks worth of benefit support/a day's mugging/stealing.
by sundarasundara August 12, 2009
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