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Member of homo armaniopus family. An agile creature posesing physical agility and fashionable charm. This species is known to be found hovering around hunt's point with yan and/or vin. He is also infamous for shitting questions out of his mouth like diarea, and also contains an affable affection for soccer playing lawnmower guys.
"I am going to the city with sasso and jbiz"
"You are acting like a fuckin jbiz today"
by CHRIS B September 29, 2003
jbiz -
#1:street term for someone with the initials JB
"Hey jbiz whats up?"
#2:Also for for "Just Business" aka jbiz
"Yo its jbiz"
"Hey jbiz whats up?"
"Yo its jbiz"
by Jonathan Brewer August 20, 2005
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