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the hottest and sexyest girl you can get that you would not want to loose or let go cas she is really hard to get back she is that kind of girl that guys for the hottest boy and fights for him she is also an outgoing sporty girl that love a flirt then are there and will go really far with a boy
"hi my name is james wbu"
"hi im jayana"
"do you want to go out with me"
"not unless your good looking"
by bonds underwaer August 18, 2011
34 8
Justin Bieber's real girlfriend.
Girl 1: "Isn't Selena Gomez dating Justin Bieber?"
Girl 2: "No, she's actually just his public cover, he is really dating Jayana."
by teller.of.the.truth April 11, 2011
13 20