A Javi is a person who likes to hang out with lots of people , but he always prefers 1 on 1 hangouts. He is also a horny young man and cant wait to have sex. He can be a douchebag , and youll just wanna punch him , but then he apologizes . He is a great best friend and usually only has one REAL best friend since hes known since elementary. So if you know a Javi might wanna keep him around because youll regret if you lose him.
Man Javi pisses me off, but I still love him.
by Dave Crasum November 20, 2014
another word similar to "average joe" .
john: i went cheese 3 times last night
bob: eassssy theree javis
by cravox October 21, 2008
Javi is a truly beautiful black girl with a GIGANTIC ass. She has a Dora the explorer haircut. Everywhere she goes boys are always looking at her. She is so dark she can't go out at night without being invisible. She is everywhere. She loves eating chicken and drinking milkshakes.
"I love Javi's ass"
by Ebonychickenman April 03, 2015
a chicken shit.
someone who's scared to do something when they say they really want to.
they listen to everyone but themselves.
Me:"why don't you go up and do it already."
Javis: " i want too but i'm too scared" it's eating me inside...
Me: Than do it already.
by crazygurly August 28, 2009

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