Equivalent of "thing" when addressing an object or situation
I went to the Lil Wayne concert last night, man that jav was fye as hell!!!
by Vulpa Blak February 28, 2007
Top Definition
An Abreviation of the "Japanese Adult Video" Industry - Often used in terms of Models and Video Outlets
JAV Models, JAV Gallery, JAV Store
by JJ's Site July 22, 2006
Another word for Amazing, Epic, Sick, insane etc. Everyone was using it in Kos this summer
*Drive down an "amazing" road"
That road was Jav
by Kos2011 July 15, 2011
prefix for anything dumb, annoying, stupid,or retarded
Jav-tar= a Jav guitar or Jav-car= a jav car
by Thorax the Impaler March 12, 2007
1. Of or pertaining to weakness.
2. A slang term homeless mexican immigrants in reference to weakness, stupidity and filth.
3. Refuse, the bottom of society or culture.
One javs in this city is too much, I feel dirty just knowing hes around.
by Websters July 20, 2003
One who enjoying rimming men (licking their assholes) but denies it, projecting his fetish onto others.
Steve likes to Javs and everyone knows it.
by sixplustwoplusone November 12, 2009
When a man begins to speak explicitly to minors and proceeds to reveal himself in an unhygienic and wrong manner on the interwebs!
Shit man hes doing a jav

Dont do a jav!
by HEHEHEHEHE45671 August 28, 2010
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