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Jatts are the landowning class in Punjab (India as well as Pakistan). And everyone who says jatts are "hardcore gangstas" does not know shit. Jatts do not go out looking for trouble, but they ARE warriors. Jatts differ from tarkhans, who are a bit lower in the "caste system". Also, jatts in UK/US are also very hardworking people. Most drive cabs/trucks, but usually they end up making a lot of money and buy several gas stations/subways. Other than that, if you see a jatt, holler at him.
White tourist - Who is that guy drving the tractor.
Me - Why thats a jatt you stupid arrogant cracker.

Redneck - hey why dont you go back to yer country you cab driving turbanhead

*Jatt runs over the redneck with his cab*

by deoljatt October 26, 2006
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"A Jatt is , simply put, a punjabi Farmer." Is absolute bullshit, Jatts are around 50% of the indian army, We are warriors, farmers, and family men.
Damn that jatt is krazy.
by Noor March 01, 2005
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It's unbelievable what people put on here. Instead of reading such nonsense about Jatts people should try reading and learning more about Jatts from elsewhere.

Traditionally Jatts are farmers from Punjab. The put themselves at the top of the caste system because they are the majority caste in Sikhism and have leaders in powerful positions.

I have no problem with Jatts - i do have a problem with people claiming Jatts are 'thugs', these people are oblivious to their own history and should try learning more instead of disrespecting their own religion and other people.
by Thierry1 April 20, 2006
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Punjabi Gangstas. Best of the best. Beat all them sulas asses!
I am proud to be a jatt, Bitches!

Dont fuck with a jatt, he will mess you up real good.
by Putt jattan de January 28, 2005
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Jatt, an ethnic group that is found in present day Punjab in Pakistan, they are the direct descendants of the martial Massagetae tribes of Scythia, and have also descended from the White Huns. The word Jatt itself comes from the word Getae.

Often mistaken for a caste, Jatts were never hinduized or inducted into any caste system. Traditionally they have been conqeurors and warriors since the dawn of time and continue to display these martial skills right through Sikh history as well.

Their traditional means of life revolved around agriculture, but are not restricted to it by any means, Jatts can be found in all walks of life.

Jatts are found in all 3 relegions of Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam. They number at 32 million, and are split between the 3 relegions equally.

Jatts are an ethnic group who are non-Indian in origin, not a caste.

For more information on Jatts please refer to
The Jatt is a descendant of the Getae.
by Sunny Sran February 22, 2005
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The Elitest Class in Punjab... Unfortunately Jatts are hated on by madd hindus cuz Jatts actually look human, while hindus, actually more Gujus than any other type of hindus, resemble rats.
man1-"Damn nigga that Indian got skillz!!"
man2- "don't be stupid homie that aint no regular Indian, thas a Jatt!!"
man1-"WOW they're so seksy and powerful... i wish i was a jatt."
by King April 03, 2005
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Simply put a "jatt" is a farmer. They is a proud group of people who originally inhabited northern india. During the Islamic oppression and rule over india, the fought for the freedom da motherland from muslim rule. Most of the defs on this site are bull shit, except for "EpC 2, Feb 5, 2005".

Its all good ta be proud of being a "jatt". But dont try too hard to glorify it, unless ofcourse your self-councious or yall got something ta prove. Jatts are proud people, but so are all indians. Jai Hind.
Damm yo dat jatti shorti got one fine ass booty.
by JaiHind February 16, 2005
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