Jaspers - What people from the country call wasps or bees.
" Watch out for the Jaspers!!!"
"Them Jaspers gonna sting you"
" Bloody Jaspers in my Pint"
by BestBowden September 03, 2009
1)The name of an amazing guy who does anything for his woman. He is commonly mistaken for the definiton "To perform a sex act on a coworker or usually one to have sex with all of your friends' girlfriends." He doesnt do that. However, he is "the coolest fucking person alive". He also likes his women thick (not fat) and he loves girls that are Italian, Polish, and Black. He is the nicest, most friendliest, caring guy you will ever meet.

2) The constipated vampire from Twilight.
1a) That Jasper is such a nice boy!
1b) Dang! I didnt know Jasper liked his girls thick! Get it boyy!!

2) Dude, that Jasper guy always looks constipated off of Twilight. Maybe he should buy some laxatives!
by MercyT September 30, 2010
1. a naive, or simple man

2. a wasp
I don't care if this jasper is looking for help. I can't do anything for him.
by The Return of Light Joker December 23, 2011
slang term for beer or lager originating from the Netherlands.
Yo man, pass me another Jasper.

Are there any more Jaspers left in the fridge?
by Loudnessbomb August 16, 2010
Jasper is a man's name but when you meet a girl named Jasper, don't pass-up on her. She's loud, but a good type of loud. Funny, outgoing, honest and has a great smile. Female Jaspers' are unique and are great to be around.

They're a great friend, and they make a great girlfriend.

Jaspers' are easy to fall for, and once you do, there is no way to lose your feelings for her.

Jaspers' can be cruel when need-be, and they're good with manipulation.
"Who's that girl?"
"Why is she so obnoxious?"
"Because she's a female Jasper. She's great, huh?"
by jeff strongman April 11, 2014
Big buff cheeto puff, antagonist from the cartoon Steven Universe. She is very big and very orange with stripes. She's also really gay.
I'm so gay for Jasper I want her to wreck me.
by memelovingfuck69 December 17, 2015
the coolest and funniest person alive, he is a good friend and is awesome. He is the best name ever an is very handsom.
Hey jasperr, you are so cool
by Coolest peRson alive May 16, 2015

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