1. a naive, or simple man

2. a wasp
I don't care if this jasper is looking for help. I can't do anything for him.
by The Return of Light Joker December 23, 2011
Guy who usually dates the wrong person. Usually a drama queen but totally cute and intoxicatingly charming. Suspected to be gay occasionally.
That guy is acting like such a "jasper."

He's falling for her like a "jasper".
by Michelle B April 04, 2008
1) A lesbian (of any race...) 2) A common name for pet pigs.
"Get over here, Jasper", said Farmer John.
by Golem was a greedy stripper September 20, 2006
A product that is being sold as new but in reality is used or refurbished
"I bought this thing online as new, but it came with all these scratches and markings all over it!"

"You must have bought a jasper."
by hocusxpocus August 24, 2009
1) Males from Denmark who refuse to drink American beer
1) I ordered a Sam Adams and its expensive so don't be a Jasper
by KB Red May 17, 2008
Rookie, one that does not know. Beginner. Taken from the TV series "Rawhide"
"That Jasper got us in more trouble than it's worth".
by loborun January 11, 2009
A ninja, who, is really an 82-yr-old black woman.
OMG its a jasper.....RUNNNNNNN
by jasper's best friend July 14, 2009
A fly honey,sexy woman or girl.
Can also be used as Jaspy Jasp.
"Check out that little Jasper."

"That's a nice little Jaspy Jasp."
by Dan Solo June 04, 2005

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