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1. a naive, or simple man

2. a wasp
I don't care if this jasper is looking for help. I can't do anything for him.
by The Return of Light Joker December 23, 2011
18 20
A product that is being sold as new but in reality is used or refurbished
"I bought this thing online as new, but it came with all these scratches and markings all over it!"

"You must have bought a jasper."
by hocusxpocus August 24, 2009
13 45
He's the Douche bag Ghost.
Guy: How there, Casper.

Jasper drop the guy's pants down.

Guy: Hey!
Jasper: Ha! Ha! Someone call UPS, as a small package that needs be delivered.
Guy: I thought you were supposed to be a friendly ghost.
Jasper: Idiot! I'm his brother Jasper the douche bag ghost.
Narrator: Jasper the douche bag ghost. The douchest ghost possessed. He'll call you names and act real mean until you feel depressed. He'll always say:
Jasper: Fuck you! And lick my sack you fairy.
Narrator: He's is so damn crude and so damn rude. Jasper the douche bag ghost.

The wake

Priest: We will always remember Annie, but she truly is in a better place.

Jasper possess Annie and stands the corpse up.

People: Ahhh.
Herman: Grandma! I'm so glad you're alive.
Jasper: Herman, you were always my least favorite grandson.

Jasper abandons Annie's corpse which then fells over her grandson.

Jasper: Ha! Ha! Retards!
Narrator: Jasper the douche bag ghost.
Jasper: Lick my sack!
by iPhoneiTouch1 July 23, 2009
44 78
a guy with a really big head who is black but looks or acts a little white.
girl: why are you such a loser?
guy: cuz......imma jasper
by sally johnson22 April 02, 2010
12 47
A ninja, who, is really an 82-yr-old black woman.
OMG its a jasper.....RUNNNNNNN
by jasper's best friend July 14, 2009
27 62
To bite the head of a dick off.
His dog jasperd him
by JakeH434 July 02, 2009
14 49
A man from Melbourne, usually doing strange things to male grizzly Bears.
Whats Jasper doing to that bear.
by jasmannoan March 30, 2009
19 54
A name used to describe a hopeless lover.
Yo man you need to grow some balls and stop being a Jasper!
by Kassanu October 24, 2006
19 54