1. a naive, or simple man

2. a wasp
I don't care if this jasper is looking for help. I can't do anything for him.
by The Return of Light Joker December 23, 2011
The name given to the shipping of British youtubers Joe sugg and Casper lee.
Jasper are perfect!
by Lamamama March 08, 2015
The best bar to get your drink on in Lompoc, Ca.
My friends and I were at Jaspers till last call.
by GMC13 October 11, 2007
A man with small chicken legs and usually an expert in fresh produce.
Gee that jasper has the smallest legs I've ever seen
by Cappppperrrrrrr December 04, 2014
Someone with a big round buttocks usually height challenged and light skin
Man #1 "yo did you just see her ass bruh"

Man #2 "yea bruh she had the Jasper
by klark kent July 24, 2014
Human sex-balls. Danglies.
"Open wide darlin', I've got a hankering to dunk my jaspers!"
by D. Finer November 28, 2006
An all use term that means beverage.
Mate, pass the jasper, I'm gasping
by gargleflex October 25, 2010
When you need more than 1 roll of toilet paper after taking a shit, you've pulled a Jasper.
Person 1: Did you liked your kebab last night?
Person 2: No i didn't, it gave me a Jasper.
Person 1: Auwchh..
by Pitbull_123 June 15, 2011

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