1. a naive, or simple man

2. a wasp
I don't care if this jasper is looking for help. I can't do anything for him.
by The Return of Light Joker December 23, 2011
Top Definition
1. The name of the coolest fucking person alive, usually one to have sex with all of your friends' girlfriends

2. Someone with a huge penis

3. One who owns all others at everything forever
I can't believe you had sex with my girlfriend Jasper, you motherfucker! It's okay though, cuz you're Jasper.

Girl: Holy shit! That is one huge dick!
Boy: I know, I'm a Jasper.

Dude, you are such a jasper
by god man April 03, 2008
a very extreamly confusing guy. shows that he has feelings for you sometimes, but then might just randomly stop talking to you at any time. veryy flirtatious. manwhore. willll lead you on. halarious. full of charisma. charming so you have to love him. boys are jealous of him. girls are jealous of the girl he is flirting with at the time..

not persistent. inconsistent when it comes to love.

changes moods easily; moody.

greatest, most annoying person on the face of this earth..yet i still want to be with him..

if you catch a jasper he will be faithful to the end and extremely charming and adorable. very musically talented and has a wonderful sense of humor
*sigh of bitterness and frustration* i dont know what to do im so confused and dont know what to do. i really like jasper but hes so confusing!!! i need to get over him but hes so charming and something about him so entirely loveable.
by fedmsb April 02, 2011
One of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Not only is he kind and courteous, but he is brighter than the sun and one of the best friends you will ever have. His smile will melt you, as well as his personality. He has a way with words and will be a lasting impression on your life so make sure to MAKE the memories happen so you can savour them to your heart's desire. If you underestimate him, it is your loss.
Person 1: Dude, why are you smiling like a dork?

Person 2: Because, I just talked to Jasper.

Person 1: Oh, that explains everything. Lucky person!
by RaspberrySmoothie November 06, 2011
Old man character on the Simpsons. Grandpa's friend. Has square beard. Has some hilarious lines.
Jasper: Is this seat taken, little girl?
Bart: I'm not a girl! Are you blind?
Jasper: *Pause* Yesss.
by Iowa dogg June 21, 2005
To perform a sex act on a coworker. If performed in the place of employment, this can be called the Full Jasper.
"I just jaspered that hot chick from work!"
by eraserhead1977 October 20, 2007
Jasper is the sweetest, and nicest person you will ever meet! He is totally hot, and loves all types of music. He gets bullied oftenly, so he'll need someone to stand up for him. Jasper makes a great life long friend, and husband.
Man, why are you so great with the ladies?
Haha, yeah bro. I'm a Jasper
by JasperLover January 27, 2013
he is an extremely nice guy who will lie just because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings, he will say sorry way to much and he is easy to have a crush on. He will pity himself but he is actually really amazing, he will go out of his way to help others. He is also extremely cute and otaku, I love him and he is the best person ever <3
"is that a JASPER because they blew me away"
by ota - cool March 31, 2014
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