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a lovely drink 1 part crazy 3 parts raunchy with a twist of lime.
boy that jardel was refreshing.
by dick johnson September 03, 2003
Word used to discribe a good looking guy who gets girls. Usually has a very long you know what. Who is kick ass at sports, and is very intelligent
That girl said that i'm a jardel
by Anonymous1111190 December 08, 2013
1) (n.) one who makes a public sexual advance on gnomes or smurfs, whether or not the object is willing. Often, a jardel has a small penis and instantly denies any wrong-doing.
The crime rate in the homosexual community of Juneau has skyrocketed due to the constant emergence of jardels.
by gje January 08, 2005
A girl that many guys are obsessed with. How can you not be?!
Man Jardel got it going on tonight. I have some sodomy cakes for her...
by dad April 26, 2003