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Pornography in which a Japanese woman is forced to diarrhea-blast in the air and eat a man's poop.
Oh man, I saw this Jap-Scat porno on KaZaA where a guy flipped over this Japanese woman and she diarrhea-blasted in the air.
by Whoisthisguy February 17, 2004
270 147

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when a japaneese person eats poop for fun...
uhh im japaneese and i eat shit for fun?
by Teresa March 03, 2005
143 45
Jap-Scat is a video of a Japanese girl eating shit from a Japanese man. It is known to be the most disgusting poo site on the internet.
Jap-Scat is the nastiest disgusting Japanese shit eating experience ever.
by MonsterManSexy October 05, 2008
51 34
A woman who injected an egg into her ass from a turkey baster and then shit it into a pan, cooked it and ate it.
Comes from Japan, JAPAN! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!
by Japanadan October 07, 2004
74 60