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a japaonfile is someone who is obbssesed with the japanese culture to the point where it becomes annoying.
man, ever scince Kyle became a japanofile, he's been getting on my nerves.
by Sora Shimizu October 09, 2007
Originally a common misspelling of the word "Japanophile"; now regularly and intentionally used by many people with this (mis-)spelling to differentiate it from the word "Japanophile". The word "japanofile", typically written with a lower-case "j", is often used to refer to someone who likes Japan-related things to an excess and possibly even to the point of annoyance. It is also used in the plural as the name of a popular Japan-related podcast: "The Japanofiles".
"To be accused of being a japanofile is regarded by some people as offensive."
by japanofiles December 28, 2009
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