- Best asian Wrestlers.
- Weakest military.
- Love's baseball but isn't good at it.
- Very smart in math, science, and technology.
- Has one of the great technology.
- Most hated race in Asia due to historic reasons.
- Arrogant and selfish.
- Great speakers and compromisers.
- Dispute problems with the Chinese, Filipinos, and Koreans.
- Loves pornography and hentai.
- Longest living humans.
- Strongest emotionally weakest physically.
- Loves sushi.
- Can be friendly.
I am Japanese and I love sushi!
by Mr. Tamishiki August 16, 2007
Pedro: Those Japanese are intelligent. The Japanese don't give people trouble. They don't have time for crime. If a Japanese person looks at the merchandise or money while others don't look, they still don't steal, otherwise, they bring shame to their families. You can even walk the streets in the wee hours of the night in Japan and leave your door open. These Japanese people are intelligent. They go to school six days a week (not Sunday). They have 4 hours of homework each day. My friend is Japanese.
Andy: Really, those Japanese people know how to live their lives. No wonder the Japanese stay out of trouble.
Pedro: My Japanese friends often complains about why those American morons bombed Japan twice, when there was another way to end WWII.
by Tokada April 08, 2007
Something from Japan or the actual language. The easiest way to tell the difference from Japanese and another attepmt to be smart is that Japanese always has a consonant followed by a vowel. there are never double consonants but there are cvv clusters in the language. Also R's sound like L's, and most words from english have a U on the end if it ends with a consanent.
Riku Yosaka is a real japanese name
Jonetisame Kuryama Isn't
Ramu sounds like Lamu and Rabu is Love
by DDRWISEMAN October 21, 2004
japanese is just japanese!!!
by mwk March 25, 2005
1. (Noun) A classification given to those legally registered and formally recognized as a native of the east asian country of Japan.

2. (Verb and by far the better meaning) Used when seeking a word to describe something that is exceedingly abnormal or may have originated only from the nation of Japan. A by-product of an extremely 'proud' nation.
Oh fuck, where did you get this Guro? that shit is crazy...mad japanese.

damn that japanese penis so small no wonder they cant get them chinese bitches!
by Cal\/in September 04, 2005
a language with a rich alphabet system but poor pronounciation varieties.
Lime japanized pronounced as Raimu.
by watever4545 January 08, 2005
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