Used to refer to a person or an object that is from the country of Japan. Japanese people exhibit several noticeable characteristics:
1) Average height of a Japanese male is 5'7" but is gradually increasing because of changes in diet. Average height of a female is 5'4".
2) Average weight of Japanese people is significantly lower than that of other countries. However, it is also increasing because of changes in diet.
3) Japanese (like Koreans) are easily distinguishable from other Asians because they have the smallest eyes and flat faces. As a result, eye-widening surgery is by far the most popular surgery in Japan and Korea. This is evident in the way their celebrities look.
4) Baseball is by far their most popular sport, followed by soccer.
5) Are workaholics that live in a technogically advanced society, with world leaders in video gaming, automobile, and electronics companies.
6) Also tend to live in extremely cramped spaces, with half the population of the U.S. squeezed into a space the size of California.
"At the moment, anime and video games are the most prominent thing that are associated with the Japanese."
by Aki May 27, 2004
Anything hailing from the isle of Japan. Can also mean just plain strange. Man, when the Japanese get going, they can do some odd stuff.
"Have you seen my Hello Kitty vibrator? It's Japanese!"
by Daniel January 30, 2003
Nice people.
Bombed pearl harbor.
talks fast.
Japan is Dirty as fuck.
i know i lived there and it was over by tokyo to.
Annoying people.
but there very loving.
Drama kings/queens.
Ugly teeths.
They place
consists of having
Ciggerates vending machines.
Porn vending machines.
Disgusting stuff toys like stuff animals but
Boobs and penis's. at a place where little kids play.
Awsome cool picture taking place.
Yummy candy.. and not very many japanese dress they way you think they dress.
Most of them are rude. They're still causing problems in the world.
So theres a girl she's a military kid.
She was at a soccer game coming back.
and going on base from another base in japan.
and she saw ALL these japanese people holding signs to telling us americans to go back to america.

Japanese people are rude.
by Asian(: January 23, 2009
The Japanese are a race which lives in Japan, Asia. They absolutely love hunting and slaughtering whales regardless of the rules and general human morals and values. They have no emotion and are basically robots with brock vision due to their eyes which are horizontal lines. Japanese children sometimes play pin the knife in the whale (Pin the tail on the donkey) at parties while using a shoelace as a blind fold.

The Japanese are all capable of being hackers because they live in Asia and all Asians are hackers.
They all have black hair so if you see one with blonde hair, call him a monkey magic try hard and punch him in the face with a brick.

Food: Rice, Rice, Rice, Rice
Activity: Slaughtering Whales
Capable Emotions: Robot, Anger
Favourite Colour: N/A
Favourite Magazine: N/A
Favourite Online Game: Everything at once
Favourite Drink: Whale Juice
Steve: Hey Pete, did you see the news? they found a hacked computer sitting on top of a bowl of rice lying on the beach next to a dead whale.
Pete: Oh man do they know who did it?
Steve: They arn't sure, they're assuming it was the Japanese though
by maxmoefoe May 31, 2010
My definition of my ethnic group, well mostly, will and might be different from other people's definition. I know that a lot of Japanese people, well, a lot in Japan are prejudice to other Races, including the people who are part of Japan, which includes Okinawans, which is what I am, Okinawan/Japanese, and a tiny bit of Chinese. I was born in Hawaii, mind you, so my facts won't be totally straight. There is the language, and the people. The language consists of Hiragana, Katakana, and the hardest of them all Kanji, Kanji though, has different levels. But, Kanji was taken from the Chinese, or the Chinese style of writing, as was Korean, if I'm not mistaken. Hiragana and Katakana are certain strokes taken from Kanji, and you usually want to do it in the correct stroke order, yes, there is a stroke order.

Now, if we're talking about the ethnic group, we have many spread out all over the world. America, Japan(obviously), China(maybe), South Korea(maybe), Europe, Russia, Canada, e.t.c, some are mixed, while others are close to full, and some, are just..yeah. Not all Japanese people are ugly mother fuckers, that is just a stereotype that some have come up with. Yes, they were a bad people, and losing their way during WW2, but why stereotype it on all people of Japanese ancestry? Didn't the Japanese-/Americans/ help out with fighting against their own ethnic group? And hey, Japanese people aren't the only one's that have done things bad. Americans have done a lot of bad things. So have Europeans, and Chinese, and Koreans, and all the other ethnic groups, some just more then others. Yes, Japanese think lowly of Koreans, Okinawans, and all the others, at least some, that does not go for all. My two best friends in the world are White and Korean. Amazing isn't it? When you open your mind, the friends you can get. And a better personality you will have. Yes, the Japanese did rape a lot of Chinese women during WW2, yes, they did bomb pearl harbor, but Americans annexed the land of Hawaii, Americans with some other foreigners also made Hawaiians the minority of their OWN land. I, in my mind, would think that just as bad. Do not blame us for things we HAVE not done, if someone has DONE something, sure blame them. But, it is rude to group all of us together. Even if you group us as Asians, it's still rude and offensive. Maybe not to all, but to some it is. Eh..that's it. Also, it is offensive to call someone a "Jap"..

One thing that is mostly connected with Japan, or Japanese people is/are anime. I doubt that many people in Japan are like the people in America with anime. :/
junk, adult, prostitute, ass, nasty, evil, scamp, excrement, somebody's definition. Very rude, and not all Japanese people are like that.
by Your face. February 19, 2008
1. The language I decided to study in college.

2. A fun language to learn.

It is made up of 3 alphabets. Hiragana, 46 symbols which each represent a different sound; Katakana, 46 different symbols which represent the exact same sounds as hiragana; and Kanji, thousands of symbols which represent entire words or ideas.

Japanese written using the english alphabet is called romaji.
Takeshi-san no senmon wa nihongo desu ka?

Ee, soo desu.

Is Japanese Takeshi's major?

Yes, that's right.
by Musicrazzi September 30, 2005
- Best asian Wrestlers.
- Weakest military.
- Love's baseball but isn't good at it.
- Very smart in math, science, and technology.
- Has one of the great technology.
- Most hated race in Asia due to historic reasons.
- Arrogant and selfish.
- Great speakers and compromisers.
- Dispute problems with the Chinese, Filipinos, and Koreans.
- Loves pornography and hentai.
- Longest living humans.
- Strongest emotionally weakest physically.
- Loves sushi.
- Can be friendly.
I am Japanese and I love sushi!
by Mr. Tamishiki August 16, 2007

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