Dirty, grimy or run-down.
That club is janky. Like people having oral sex on the dance floor.


His bed is gross, its covered in boy jank.
by JankShe August 27, 2004
adv. 1. a thing or things that are undesirable

Nigga, them shoes is janky.
Why you get that janky-ass haircut?
Bitch, quit bein' so janky and give me some of yo' Old English.
by Adam Dangerous March 17, 2003
A disturbing smell or an object that smells funny.
" this room smells janky!"


" that girl maddison is attractive, but everytime time in around her she has a janky odor !"
by MullanyD August 03, 2009
One who is shady in character and therefore is not dependable.
That mutha fugga is so janky.
by maybenot September 05, 2003
When an object is broken down, ugly or trashy. Mostly ghetto. Can be used on a person
That backpack that is stapled and taped together is janky
by Jank!? March 25, 2011
Janky is its own special word that means somthing like Nasty, Bad, Stupid and so on. Janky can be used as an Adjective to describe somthing or someone.
"Damn, That bitch is janky"

"Ya'll niggas doin some janky shit"

"School is fuckin janky"
by African Slave November 16, 2009
Far from perfect; messed up
Nick used to have a janky car.
by Val October 26, 2001

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