and adj meaning Junky and skanky

or straight up disgusting
usually used in context with a person based on their reputation and/or personality
I'm not touching that, that bitch is janky!

The hookers in Seattle are mad janky
by dirty northwest nigga February 18, 2010
A hanky that has been Jizzed on.
Hey man, you got a hanky?

Nah mate, all I have is this janky.

Whats a janky?

Its a hanky I jizzed.


Give me everything you've got !!

Here you go.

Wtf is this?

My Janky.
by xoA7Xox December 28, 2009
Appeals as trashy, yet still seductive.
Whores are so janky.
by Daniel R. November 20, 2007
creepy; gross; displeasing; shady; sketchy
Did you see that old guy staring at us? That was janky...
Miss Smith gave me a D on my essay- that's so janky.
by Chadley11010 November 12, 2007
adj. A cross between jacked-up and stanky. 1. Something that is really wrong and foul. 2. Something that is not made with very good quality.
That was janky when he started dating your mom before you broke up with him. That janky car always breaks down when you turn on the windshield wipers.
by Jazzy-Jazz July 18, 2006
A combination or cross between junky and skanky. Can be used to describe an object, person, or feeling. Or can replace the "JC" in JC Penny, so it becomes "Janky Pennys".
"This chicken is janky!"
"Did you see that janky bitch?!"
"God do I feel janky."
by SamanthaJo July 10, 2006
A word that always comes up when you click random on urbandictionary
Damnit Janky came up again...
by roxx0rzzmys0xxorzz June 01, 2006

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