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Is a current bastardization of a very old American word, Yankee. Which is a bastardization of the first, John Cheese. The first American settlers were dutch, and the first person who bought Manhattan, was Anneke Jans. So when the British settlers came over and were trying to diss the Dutch, they called them Yawn Kees, or John Cheese. So Janky is a mispronunciation of jankees, which is how you spell it. Trip out. Now you know.
That shit don't work, its janky.
by dj the great January 09, 2012
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really messed up
Dude, I've been on glucocorticoid replacement therapy for 5 years now, and my adrenal gland is all janky as a result. wtf?
by pc121 student November 08, 2010
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when something is messed up or not right.
That bed is janky!
by Jazzymodo September 15, 2010
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The word Janky comes from the word jank. Janky means nifty, good, cool, sweet, awesome, & sick. It just means anything that's good.
by Scene Kween August 03, 2010
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ugly; weird; stupid; messed up; fucked up
Me: Dude! Look at them janky ass shoes!
Dude: Yea, they're pretty damn ugly.
by xMetal_Headx92 July 21, 2010
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used when describing mafileo tupuo for his outright hootness.
There's Mafi, being janky.
by ddddaaa May 02, 2010
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and adj meaning Junky and skanky

or straight up disgusting
usually used in context with a person based on their reputation and/or personality
I'm not touching that, that bitch is janky!

The hookers in Seattle are mad janky
by dirty northwest nigga February 18, 2010
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