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something thats stupid or retarded
that orange be all janky
by spikez_08 November 03, 2006
4 9
Unreliable or of bad quality.
Those waffles are janky. Cook some more bitch.
by Jalk January 12, 2006
7 12
1. stupid or unnecessary acts that have absolutely no justification are considered janky.
2. Being stupid.
3. Stumbling over speech
Damn, that was a janky.
You are a janky mother fucker.
You janked that out.
by Robert Goldman February 18, 2005
5 10
Something thats negative or disliked.
Damn, Garrett was hella being janky last night.
by Brie&Sara January 31, 2005
11 16
wrong; undesirable; not wanted; unacceptable.
a*****89: the narrative that i turned in and if i may say so myself i thought it was quite nice and i know it was accurate
j***la SH0UT: haha yeah
j***la SH0UT: that's janky
a*****89: janky?

"Damn that teacher gave me a 24 outta 100. that's janky"
by millerisaslut January 05, 2005
2 7
Janky, as in shitty.
also see jank
Dude, Halo II is so freaking janky
by Cory A. November 24, 2004
3 8
1. The epitome of dirt, grime, and disrepair.
2. An action word that denotes bad taste with admiration.
i.e. Check out that one-eyed cat, he sure is janky
Dude, I can't believe that you made out with her in the dumpster out back, you are so janky. I'm proud of you.
by Shishi August 02, 2004
8 13