to be junk, and appear slutty.
"did you see that janky shirt lacey was wearing?"
"bill, you janky slunt!"
by the establishment must fall. August 11, 2007
A peculiar state of being involving symptoms of inbreeding, cocaine addiction, and low IQ. Variations include "janked", "janked up", &c.
"It smells janky in here."
"Dude, you just got janked."
"That's janked up!"
by shawn k April 16, 2007
something thats stupid or retarded
that orange be all janky
by spikez_08 November 03, 2006
Unreliable or of bad quality.
Those waffles are janky. Cook some more bitch.
by Jalk January 12, 2006
1. stupid or unnecessary acts that have absolutely no justification are considered janky.
2. Being stupid.
3. Stumbling over speech
Damn, that was a janky.
You are a janky mother fucker.
You janked that out.
by Robert Goldman February 18, 2005
Something thats negative or disliked.
Damn, Garrett was hella being janky last night.
by Brie&Sara January 31, 2005
wrong; undesirable; not wanted; unacceptable.
a*****89: the narrative that i turned in and if i may say so myself i thought it was quite nice and i know it was accurate
j***la SH0UT: haha yeah
j***la SH0UT: that's janky
a*****89: janky?

"Damn that teacher gave me a 24 outta 100. that's janky"
by millerisaslut January 05, 2005

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