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(adjective) inferior quality; held in low social regard; old and delapidated; refers almost exclusively to inanimate material objects, not to people
We tried to pick up on these girls waiting for the bus, but I was driving my sister's janky 1989 geo metro so we just got clowned instead.
by the jankinator March 25, 2003
something that isn't quite right, very wrong, retarded, stupid, jacked up, etc.
I aint got now definition...aint that JANKIES!!
by Lindsey and Emilie March 16, 2005
adj. A combo of stanky and junky meaning un favorable.
Ewww you should clean your room, its so janky!
by olivia February 29, 2004
Sketchy and Cracked out - causing one to act abnormal or unrealistic.
She looks janky cause she's too fuckin' high.
You need to put that pipe down mother fucker cause its making you act janky.
by LL Blam Blam September 23, 2005
jacked up stanky. made up by JV from the doghouse on 94.9
that pinto look janky
by victor April 02, 2005
Janky is a very common club word used to describe someone who is high on crystal meth (Tina). Also know as "tweakin'." It is usually used to describe a shady user, or dealer.
"Carl is so janky. He once spent 3 hours cleaning his bath tub."
by DJ July 04, 2004
A creature made in the video game, Dr. Muto, by the doctor himself. He is only seen in the movie before the game.
Janky; "Doctor, Doctor."

Muto; "Janky, no begging, just get your own snack."

Janky; " But Doctor, look."
(points out the window)

Muto; (looks out the window)
"What the ****?"
by Light Joker July 02, 2004
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