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A conjunctive form of both skanky and junky, thus denoting something both gross and in poor condition.
My friend, Larry, lives in a real shit-hole. There's dirty socks on the couch and it smells of bong-water. Man, that place is janky!
by Clinto-beans July 13, 2006
something not right. sneaky or unbelievable.
Wow, dude thats Janky.
by vbearr April 20, 2009
Cheap stuff meant to look expensive.
Steve sure likes janky ladies.
by BOSSLADY50 March 19, 2009
A level above sketchy.
The look he gave me was janky.
by gabbyisflyyy January 22, 2009
the best shit ever. and worst. can be used in any situation to describe anything.
Gee whiz, you are so janky!

You are a janky ass ho.

Quit jankin' around!
by Jankalicious January 14, 2009
Sexual, kinky, raunchy, basically to describe something as being dirty.
She said what? THAT'S JANKY!
by dizzy miss fizzy April 25, 2008
Undesirable, intensely repellent or unpleasent, esp. a person
"People on reality tv are often JANKY"
by Pearbian March 17, 2007
pronounced JAn-Key(adj) to suck, used as a bad way of describing someone, something or an activity
guuuuurl that outfit is janky

this dance club is janky yo's!
by kdizzleyonizzle September 11, 2003