A conjunctive form of both skanky and junky, thus denoting something both gross and in poor condition.
My friend, Larry, lives in a real shit-hole. There's dirty socks on the couch and it smells of bong-water. Man, that place is janky!
by Clinto-beans July 13, 2006
something that is fucked up.
like if your bro gets his dick shot off and a dog starts eating it, youd call it a jankies situation.
by adam the masta p playa March 09, 2003
Messed up, foul looking, skanky, in need of attention, gross. Usually referring to someone's physical appearance that is not fresh or in top shape.
Damn girl, your nails are all chipped up. You better go to the salon because they're looking janky as hell!
by melissuhann July 20, 2014
Someone that is literally fucked off....
You janky ass motherfucker!!
by MissFukinStar September 11, 2012
Janky; on dope
Man that janky mofo will steal the shirt rite off of your back!
by gaboy October 09, 2011
Of questionable strength or worth; ramshackle or rigged in an unprofessional manner; ludicrously cheap or ill-suited to a given purpose; laughable; e.g. George W. Bush. Origin: Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Reno, NV, USA circa 1996 (earliest known)
That lifeboat is janky! Look at the duct tape job.
by Master Bacon August 07, 2008
If someone's janky, they're disrespectful to their elders, usually in schools.
Younger child - Urm that's my chocolate bar!
Older Child - Dont be janky!

Younger child - You failed in your examm LOL
Older child - fuck off you janky shit.
by oundelian August 28, 2012
adj.: Short for "jacked up skanky." Can be used to describe something that goes beyond regular skanky and is just plain jacked up.

n.: A "Jank" is short for a "jacked up skank." Someone who looks so beyond skanky, it's just jacked up.
That chick is just janky. Who goes out in public like that?

Look at that jank. She looks like a jacked up skank.
by TJeffersonian February 26, 2011

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