A conjunctive form of both skanky and junky, thus denoting something both gross and in poor condition.
My friend, Larry, lives in a real shit-hole. There's dirty socks on the couch and it smells of bong-water. Man, that place is janky!
by Clinto-beans July 13, 2006
Any form of cloth you blow your load into
Jerking off into a sock "sock = janky"
by Fmackey March 28, 2014
Someone that is literally fucked off....
You janky ass motherfucker!!
by MissFukinStar September 11, 2012
Janky; on dope
Man that janky mofo will steal the shirt rite off of your back!
by gaboy October 09, 2011
It works, but it's broken
I need to buy a new stereo to replace that old janky one
by antanime December 05, 2010
A once glorious word that met its downfall when it became the prime word for calling things shitty on the show iCarly. However, there are some still out there that adore the word. Little bastards.

Sensible, devilishly handsome man: You're a nasty iCarly fan.
by Matthew Oscar Mayer Bologna March 24, 2010
Blonde girl around the age 18, usually referred to as Ho.
Madi: Hey what happened to Emily last night?
Whitney: She Passed out arond 10:30
Madi: What a Janky Bitch.
by WhitJoyMadHil September 27, 2009
Cheap stuff meant to look expensive.
Steve sure likes janky ladies.
by BOSSLADY50 March 19, 2009

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