noun. a gangster that is not african-american. sometimes slightly lower on the cool-facter scale as a result.

can also be used as an adverb.

also see jankster.
"Eminem is a janksta."

"That's janksta."
by Laurie *is hot* April 09, 2005
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Top Definition
A jankety gangsta. Someone who is quite convinced they are a gangsta, but maybe their pants are a little too short, or their gold teeth are really bronze.
Kid thought he was a gangsta but we all knew he was a janksta'.
by Beakka June 02, 2007
the second part of the richmond virginia rock band name; jimmee janksta
I saw Jimmee Janksta play the other night and let me say that they are the best damn band I have ever seen!
by d-rock January 03, 2004
gangster except not. if anything a jack move that is Gangster but you can use the word to describe other things.
the homie snatchs the other homies weed like nothing.... Damn thats janksta!
by JeReMy Aka. BeAr November 27, 2003

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