adj. an unfamiliar thing, something unkown and untrusted as in ghetto or sketch.
Glenn, you're so jankie jankie jankie!
by steven avery January 09, 2006
Top Definition
adj. 1. underhanded; insidious; shady 2. poor-quality; badly-made 3. sub-par; below standards or expectations

Originated out of epiphanous thin air among a group of suburban highschool dopehead intellectuals in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.
"Dude, you ditched me last night to go play disc-golf--that is so jankie."

"That banana bread your grandma made is jankie as hell--does she have Alzheimer's or something?"
by Johnny D. Reglos October 27, 2004
Used to describe someone's character or behavior in a derogatory manner. Also to describe something that is bad or messed up.
"Man, can you believe he pulled that shit, he is one jankie-ass mother-fucker"

"Dude, they sold you some jankie shit this time"
by Dan Oglesby April 07, 2004
When something messed up, wrong, stupid (can refer to someone or something)
That shit is jankie
Stop bein jankie steve
by K March 25, 2004
a person, place or thing is so getto that you cant get over it that you must describe it as jankie
1)the stores in this town are so undecrible the are jankie

2)white people that try to act black are jankie
by rawr09 September 30, 2009
The act of sticking your fingers in a clothed man's butthole for their punishment for an unjust act. It can also be for the enjoyment of the other's pain.
"Wow, James is so fat."

"Ya let's jankie him for fun"
by Jeff Dunturkey August 14, 2011
someone is weird or looks funny.
that fella is "jankie"
by Conner Drews February 04, 2009
crooked person, lame person, how eva you wanna use it
jankie ass n***as.
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