discusting, vile, horrible, sick
(pointing to a dead bloodied animal on the side of a road)
eeeewwww! that shit is jank!
by starlite_divine October 06, 2004
The combination of a man wearing Jaggings; and the un-avoidable exploitation of said man's junk.
Co-Worker 1 says to Co-Worker 2: "Seriously, he has way too much Jank shoved into those Jaggings."
by Stiffler v.2 February 23, 2011
Quite possibly the chillest bunch of dudes that assembles as often as possible. While all members of jank are musical in some respect and are known for sparks of humourous ingeniousy, they blaze quite often in their natural habitat, the Tree House.

Hey u guys wanna jank this weekend??
-Fuck yes dude, then perhaps an epic jamsesh?
And a volcano sesh ensued, with hints of virtual barber shop, eating vast amounts of cookies, bagel bites, and tostinos pizza rolls, and singing at proposterous volumes. Smiling laughing and rejoce was noted at the scene of JANK.
by jankum February 12, 2011
Michigan definition: to be far superior than someone that you know.
My pants are way more jank than yours.
by Erveng January 11, 2011
Something that losers who don't know real swears say.
Instead of saying "that was fucked up" they say "that was jank"
by Elidolphin December 28, 2010
Used to describe something crappy or shitty. Derived from the adjective janky. Can be applied to almost anything.
The toy story parking lot at Disney Land is Jank
by JankyJane December 12, 2010
A form of picking on each other, associated with "Ya Momma".
Son you just got janked down!
by Austin Vaught November 02, 2010
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