discusting, vile, horrible, sick
(pointing to a dead bloodied animal on the side of a road)
eeeewwww! that shit is jank!
by starlite_divine October 06, 2004
Something that losers who don't know real swears say.
Instead of saying "that was fucked up" they say "that was jank"
by Elidolphin December 28, 2010
cheerleading word of 2010
That routine was so jank do it again and get it right!
by cheerchamp'10 December 19, 2010
Used to describe something crappy or shitty. Derived from the adjective janky. Can be applied to almost anything.
The toy story parking lot at Disney Land is Jank
by JankyJane December 12, 2010
Ridiculous; can be cool or bad at the same time
Aw bro that that that pink sport coat was sooo jank.Good

Man I just got a D on my math test thats so jank.Bad
by sirlaxerton222 October 17, 2010
That's whack! Also used for "that is unfair!"
That is jank man, we should have won that game but they cheated.
by Cowbellguy August 29, 2010
could be used instead of sick

meant as a compliment or an insult
Jank most literally means any noun, verb, adjective, adverb, participles, gerunds, interjection, or any swear word
by Jank Janker May 02, 2010

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