A after sexual intercourse activity - where you nut in a rag - commonly called a "nutrag" but in this situation your using a more custodial or shop rag type towel, after cumming in this towel you then slap it in your partner's face and tell them they've been hit by the "Janitor"
You have been at the club all evening and pick up a pretty descent bimbo for later in the evening festivities. Right after you've "gotten yours" because no one cares about hers, you quickly slap the cum filled "janitor" towel on her face. By accomplishing this you secure a quick and speedy "getaway" while she's in bathroom thinking what an asshole without the, "can I have your number?", "will I see you again soon?" questions.
by Spidy November 13, 2007
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An occupation comprised mainly of the nigger persuasion.
See also shoe shine.
The father on Good Times was one of those janitors.
by omega greek June 29, 2010
ie Master of the custodial arts
"I am a master of the custodial arts, or janitor if you wanna be a dick about it!"
by Brittvj October 07, 2007
A player in halo 2 that waits for two players to engage in combat and then kills both of them. He gets credit for kills that he didnt earn by cleaning up like a janitor.
"Mike you are such a janitor. You didnt have one legit kill you puss."
by RAWasHELL September 12, 2006
1. People with huge beards in your school that cleans up after your shit, but in reality, they are the rulers of the world. Usually old people with a crazed look in his eyes, they are very wise and the only mens on the planet able to make babies.
2.He's your dad.
1. Voter 1: Hey, is George Bush a janitor?
Voter 2: Nah he's too dumb to be one. Osama is a real janitor. Look at the size of his beard!
by semaca January 10, 2009
A genius failed by the education system who can secretly answer math problems at a post-collegiate level but doesn't reveal this talent until it is too late.
Matt Damon: DON'T DO IT, MAN! NOT YOU, MAN!!!!
Student: Shut up, janitor.
by SpaceMouse April 16, 2010
When a girl is giving you a blow job, and just as you are about to ejaculate, you whip your penis out of her mouth and jizz all over the ground. Then you mop it up with her hair and throw her down a flight of stairs.
Jim: Wow jake, you really gave her a good janitor. you should be a real janitor.
Jake: I thought mopping up my jizz with ur mom's hair made me a real janitor (sobs)
by the jjjjanitor April 15, 2011
A master of the custodial arts.
I'm a master of the custodial arts...or a Janitor if you wanna be a dick about it.
by BGtheFiend July 18, 2014

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