A sexy, attractive chick with an alluring personality. They are friendly and humanitarian often times standing up for the underdog. Always known to be honest and loyal sometimes to a fault. Independent and intellectual janique's are critical thinkers and problems solvers.
Janique a very beautiful woman.
by kayla 37 July 14, 2011
As to or Relating to Sexy or Sweet.Used in many foreign countries to show admiration for the opposite sex.
Joan: "I love your skirt Beth, I can see your thong.. That is so Janique !!"

by Joey Smith August 29, 2006
to pull a Janique on sb.: To decide—after having premarital sex—not to have sex again until marriage, even when in a long-term relationship
Janique: "X and I have decided not to have sex until marriage."; Andrea pulled a Janique on Thomas.
by Sechelle2 March 31, 2008

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