a lady full of grace, beauty, charm, and personality that people envy and created satire and sabotage
Janie's soul was murdered and her mind was exposed to the world and everybody has access to her mind, vision, hearing, voice, and everybody and businesses took advantage of her life and tried to make huge profits by taking credit for all her thoughts. Everybody was tag teamed and stalked her life to hurt her. The government gangsters sabotaged and stalked every part of this person's life. The leader of the KTLGGEE, Lily, sent out people to murder for her due to jealousy and love from Janie's ex-boyfriend. United states country became a huge mess full of evil satire, parody, disgrace for human kind. The government messed with voodoo, witches, devils (TL, in human form), gargoyle (Kathy), ghosts, and many things to hurt this peron's life. The more that the people hurt her, the worst people will get being punished to eternal hell for messing around with a person's life.
by AngelStarHeaven January 05, 2011
Top Definition
A cute girl from Cutiepie, the moon of planet Cute.
"Janie is hot. She is hot like sauce."
by People who know things February 08, 2005
Funny, silly, pretty, sexy girl. Always there to talk to about anything, and never mean to anyone. She also hates when people are too nosey and poke around in her phone. Loves to play sports, but hates when people just think of her as the girl that plays football... would really rather the world know of her as who she is; not what she does.
Today i spent the day with that amazing girl Janie, and had a ton of fun!
by DragonTamer2345 June 12, 2010
A wicked hot girl from the site called Faceparty who is coveted by males the world over.
Janie is a goddess.
by Majin September 18, 2004
Janie is a slammin' hottie with big brown eyes and a great butt. She lives in the netherworld of my dreams, and also in Kansas. The epitome of classy yet down-to-earth dames. Your dream date. Too bad you are a fat looser and have no chance whatsoever.
Guy #1: Did you see that hot girl last night?
Guy #2: Yeah, but she was no Janie.
by siuol11.2 February 22, 2010
A rad woman that conveniently lives far enough away from you, that it's just not the bee's knees. She's absolutely stunning, with a hint of awkward and shyness, just to add to the grand personality that she beholds. Someone that is nothing short of amazing.
Dude, I swear I saw a Janie earlier. That mythical creature of amazement is quite the sight these days.
by SwaggieBossMan July 14, 2012
A wicked hot girl from the site called Lords of Lordswho is coveted by males the world over. She is just as wicked as she is hot and is completely insane. Goes by the name Jade
Janie is fuckin cool as shit ya cocksmokin, barnyard-animal lovin, swamp donkey!..So fuck off
by theevilone January 09, 2005
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