a Janell is a super sweetheart that can make you happy at any time of the day. amazing story telling abilities that will fucking blow your mind across the room like a fucking mind grenade! also, super talented, can color very well, and completely and utterly beautiful!
John: "dude i just met a Janell today!"
Chris: "whats a "Janell"?"
John: "go look it up on urbandictionary.com you loser!"
by John McFinkey April 12, 2009
Top Definition
the best friend a person could have. nice beautiful.funny and all round great person to be with. most girl wanna be like her. and most boy wanna get wit her
girl would say ~ omg did u see janell. i wanna be just like her.

boy would say ~ DAMN that girl was a janell!
by tosie posie May 30, 2008
Noun; Oddly resembling Snooki (if she had a pretty face and/or any redeeming qualities, seriously what does America see in Snooki?), Janell is the most beautiful girl alive. Though the aforementioned Snooki resemblance can be misleading, the resemblance is only one seen from a distance. A Janell also possesses inner beauty to a great extent, though this is often hard to see given her awesome rockin titties and an ass fit for a porno star. Sorry its getting graphic.
Bitch 1: Wow Nick is hella lucky to have Janell, she is so pretty and nice, and he looks like a Nazi propaganda drawing of a Jew.

Susie: Yeah, she'd look good in anything, but he'd only look good in a cattle car. Did I say that out loud? Oh and don't say hella you stupid bitch.
by NicklovesJanell November 17, 2012
A red headed disguise for satin...
Tim "Its really hot in here today"
Joey "Janell likes it that way"
by Polly Wally October 21, 2010
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