A colloquial term for rigours sexual intercourse.

Made popular by American musician Mickey Avalon, the phrase derives from a series of exercise videos actress Jane Fonda starred in during the early 1980's to mid 90's (1982-1995). To "Jane Fonda" means to engage in a through and exasperating workout. Thus refers to rough and/or tiring sex.
"more junk in the trunk than a Honda
i know you wanna do the JANE FONDA"
by urbanr0cker May 07, 2008
Top Definition
Sexual intercourse between a man and two women, a threesome.

(As in the Mickey Avalon song of the same name.)
I know you want to do the jane fonda.
by anonymous January 31, 2006
1. Having sex with a girl in numerous positions in one sitting; thus making it more of a workout. Made popular by the Mickey Avalon song.

2. A threesome (Two chicks and a dude)
1. Dude, Janice and I did it all night, Jane Fonda style.

2. Serene and Ellie came over, and we hd ourselves a Jane Fonda
by Wallace Superfly November 12, 2006
Having a threesome with two girls. Who has a threesome with guys anyways? Probably Purdue students.
I totally did a Jane Fonda with Ali and Sarah last night.

Oh yeah? well I did a Ted Turner.

What's that?

I jerked off alone.
by It's hard being original July 24, 2006
Someone who will always watch out for you, and have your back. Particularly made evident in the movie Georgia Rule whereby Jane Fonda attacked Lindsay Lohan's rapist with a baseball bat.
She went Jane Fonda on your ass
by elleybelly92 May 28, 2010
Better known as "Hanoi Jane". This is the bitch who actually went over to Northern Vietnam and gave aid to the enemy Communist soldiers. She also happens to be a liberal; what a suprise.
Hey, Hanoi Jane! I'm not very Fonda you!
by Republican Warrior April 16, 2005
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