An englishman with a debilitating disease known as penisminimus " small cock syndrome ". due to the inabilty to please females they are quite commonly used by the gay community as a "coming out" partner, as the pain would not be as severe.
" Man it must be cold in here, or your just a janes!"

" I want my first man on man expierience to be with a janes, it wouldnt hurt as much as a normal guy"
by Super007 September 11, 2012
Top Definition
short term name for marijuana...people who smoke pot often love Jane's

the name of the most beautiful woman in the world, other woman were so jelous of Jane's that they made up a term for Jane's calling them plain because it rhymed and made them feel better about themselves cause they were not names jane and they are ugly.

janes are always the girls with the sense of humor in any group

jane's can also be that girl that had a crush on you in high school but you never dated, then she shows up at the reunion lookin all hot and successfull, then you kick your self in the ass for not being nicer to her because now she is hot and wont give you the time of day.

jane's are better then everyone, and are usually associated with class and wealth and beauty

the hot girl next door that you grew up next too is always named, or should always be named jane
guy: "that jane aint no plain"
girl: "dammit i wish my name was jane."

dude: "hey man light the jane and pass it"
other dude: "man do i love smokin the jane"
by highschool lover July 29, 2006
1. A plain, understated girl who is still unbelievably hot
2. Short for weed
3. A name used in a bunch of awesome songs
1. Damn, Jane is so hot even in that boring sweatshirt
2. Dude, I'm pickin up an ounce of Jane this weekend.
3. (Lady Jane, Sweet Jane, Baby Jane)
by JAROBA December 27, 2008
n. Jane's are the beautiful, funny, and care-free people of the world. The exact opposite of their nickname, "Plain Jane"
Guy: Look at that hot Jane over there. I'm gonna go ask her out.
Other Guy: Not if I get there first.
by smile, smile, smiile,, April 07, 2008
Someone who is very average in appearance and everything else, even though everyone wants to be her and thinks she is gorgeous. "Plain Jane"
Everyone else: "Jane, your pictures are so pretty, you are so going to be a model. Every night I pray to God that I'll wake up and look like you."
Dan: (sigh) "That girl's smile could brighten anyone's day!"
by anonymous January 18, 2004
Plain. But inside, shes waiting to come out! She's actually fun, caring, nice, helpful, awesome and MORE! So get to know your Jane, before she slips away, because ALL Jane's are worth knowing. There defiantly the best of friends, the best friend you'll EVER have.
Any girl named Jane
by Jane The Great June 21, 2009
someone who is an all around better than everyone else. a girl who is hotter, better at sex, smarter, and more gifted then you could ever attempt to be.
boy: im braking up with you
girl: ah! why? (sobs quietly)
boy: because im in love with Jane
girl: oh. i understand. she is perfect in everyway
by the official non-plain Jane June 17, 2009
n. a person who does everything more beautifully, easily and stress-free than you...and even if she doesn't she'll lie and say she does

n. one who is always overly-happy and never admits to facing failures or challenges
All the Janes in my life have their babies in three pushes and leave the hosptital wearing their size 3 jeans.

This Jane in my neighborhood always has homemade cookies and fresh-squeezed lemonade for snacks as opposed to my packaged Goldfish and juice boxes.

"That's fabulous! I can't wait to get their files!" exclaimed the Jane in the office next door genuinely as she took on three extra clients in addition to her already packed 80 hour work week.
by The Kept Woman May 01, 2007
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