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A name used on official records to identify an unidentified female cadaver.
Subject: Jane Doe
Cause of death: Blunt force trauma
by Shalroth May 18, 2005
This is the name for official records for any woman who is unidentified and dead/alive.

And as everbody knows John Doe is the male version of the name.

Alicia Key's Jane Doe represents any women... Not especially someone who tries to steal someother's man, just the unidentified and mysterious type of female.

Last but not least Jane Doe is the name of an album of Converge which dates back to 2002.
Watch the film Se7en (1995) directed by David Fincher, starring Brad Pitt, the murderer(Kevin Spacey) who has seven victims is called as John Doe.

A female body was found in the woods and taken to morgue under the name of Jane Doe.
by Godmotha August 23, 2006
falling in love with a girl at first sight;
and you don't know her name yet so you name her janedoe.
i'm overly attracted, and terribly convinced that she could be my princess, and i could be her prince, and i felt that way since, since i saw janedoe.
by growlbabygrowl September 01, 2009
a general term for a woman (see also John Doe)
I had an Idea of who Jane Doe might be by her voice.
by Light Joker November 21, 2005
When you break up with a horrible boyfriend and he becomes 'dead to you', but he's being a little bitch about it. He has now earned the tittle of jane doe.

All the ex boyfriends that won't go away, all the ex boyfriends that are completely irrealivent to the world, all the ex boyfriends that think they are amazing but in reality are going no where in life. These are John Does; but the ones that do all that and then call you crying and blaming you for whatever and thinking there is still a chance. The ones that show up empty handed at your house unannounced. The ones that you don't miss and your main focus is how to get them to leave you alone. Those are Jane Does.
Girl one: "sooo Jane Doe showed up at my house last night..."

Girl two: "OMG, will he ever go away? What did he want?"

Girl one: " He was crying so I threw him a box of tampons and went back inside."
by eiggaMAD November 30, 2015
1)a female hick or female person that lives in the country(but not necessarily), may have a country accent, wears camouflage (also not necessary, but a big tip off), and typically an idiot.

2)Possessing a jane doe quality.

masculine: see "john deer"
She's such a f#cking jane doe.

Jane Doe should go marry John Deer.

Jane Doe fashion was never in.

That was so jane doe.
by onboardforces February 13, 2009
a woman always trying to steal another woman's man and break up their relationship;
-girl you should break up with him; he's cheatin` on you;
-okay girl

*a week later*

she walks in with the other woman's man

Alicia Keys Breaks it down in her song Jane Doe
by Jen February 23, 2005

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