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a wonderful snack that consists of a shotglass full of jam (preferably smuckers). it is a snack that is intended to be eaten in excess, with your friends, and possibly the cartoon giraffe mascot. the best flavors are LOLerberries, Sk8r-Graper, and G2GTurkwize. if an adult questions what you are whilst mid-jammie fest, go batshit insane on their uncool asses.
Dad: what the fuck is going on in here?
Cool ten-year-olds: FUCK YOU DAD! we're having some fucking jammiez, go outside and mow the fucking lawn.
*proceed to hurt dad, and throw ninja stars*
Cool ten-year-olds: HAHAHAHA you can't have any fucking Jammiez dad, 'cuz you're old and lame and you're fucking dead, you cocksucker.

Cartoon Giraffe: WTF, how can I eat jammiez when my arms can't reach my mouth
by Jammieman November 15, 2006
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