Very white tennis shoes. popular among the black male youth
Bought me some new Jamals.
by diesel #1 October 04, 2007
The blackest black boy you will ever meet who loves white girls with big bubble butts, prefers their names to be Jessa or Megan. Will settle for a Shaquanda or Lateshanesha. Is a wanna be rapper from the ghettoest part of Detroit. Deals lots of drugs, especially weed, acid, and molly. He is big into sex toys and his favorite pastime is kinky, rough sex. Fears his momma and grandmomma. Lastly, he will bust a cap in your ass if you try to steal his chicken.
Damn that black boy is sexy, he must be one of those white girl loving Jamals
by Tyler Larabel November 20, 2013
a species of black people who have a special crave for chicken, especially KFC. Do not make any racist comment towards them oor they will kill you with a urge powered by fried chicken. about 90% of all black people can be considered as Jamals
Look at that bunch of jamals, they are so jamal like
by cubemanXD December 02, 2011
A RPG wielding terrorist who is relentless at blowing troops and everything in sight up.
OMG guys!! Take cover, Jamal is on the roof!!
by Solitare Snake December 07, 2011
A older guy with no life who hits on girls without knowing if they r sexy and is a big piece of poop in ur shoe while sober and drinks water out of your toliet bowl and urinal sponges while u arent looking and skeets on ur dog
Jamal Colon is such a creep
by MonkeybuttDtgbjjGgjh December 07, 2011
The fictional African American friend who gets shot and dies. You would commonly use "Jamal" in your college personal statements, it gives you an easy sob story to work with.
Gerard: Did you finish your personal statement?
Me: Yeah, it was easy. I just Jamaled it
Gerard: Thug life.
by Flahmingo November 21, 2009

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