Phrase at the beginning of a sentence meaning "You are making," or "Did you make?" Probably southern dialect.
Jamaican me crazy with that boombox turned up to the tenth decibel.

Jamaican 'A' in sexology last semester?
by Richard Black June 19, 2005
wagwan wit dis brer, man?

pretendin he jamaican

we jus sittin here

thinkin wagwan, wagwan?
wagwan wit dis brer, man?
by little October 19, 2003
a person of Caribbean decent.
me: hey man i just bought weed offa this Jamaican and it was fuckin kentucky blue grass

friend: o shit thats happened to me only once and hey he was Jamaican too

dave chappell: never buy offa Jamaicans it aint weed half the time
by Zicolo October 23, 2007

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