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jam scam

From jam |jam| + scam |skam|

When a scam, a dishonest scheme or fraud, is squeezed or packed tightly into a specified space at best slightly too small to contain it, as well as the attendant effects of said squeezing, packaging, etc.

A scam to the second or greater degree(s).

A Jam Scam is when several scammers collide at crossed purposes, or when the scammer gets scammed, or both.

"Mmmmm!, I jam scammed her ass!"

"I'm going to jam scam the lot of them; I'll hit them so hard they won't even know they've been jam scammed."

"I wuz f*&king jam scammed!" said the casino owner.

"Are you jam scamming me?" he pleadingly questioned the disappearing heels of the until quite recently celibate Go Go dancer, suddenly answering her boyfriend's call, even suddenlier (sic) leaving to meet him.

"Everywhere I look, it's a jam scam", said the Knight to the Bishop.

Getting f*&ked, royally.
#jam #slam #pack #con #sting #dishonest #fraud #swindle #cheat #fail #ambushed #robbed #bushwhacked #arnaquer #niqued #screwed #fucked #used #had
by Michael M. Cooper September 14, 2007
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