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jalisa is the act of being good truthful may seem mean but is really honest people might not like this person but gos to them for help someone who is very out going shy and confused with life a person who is hard to find know things before others usally do
wow jalisais so nice it has a effect on all of us
by Ravegirl March 08, 2008
jalisa means someone who is laid back and very truthful and caring and smart
i care about everyone and every thing
by jalisa December 18, 2003
1. a bad ass softball the number 21. that takes no shit from no
one. will beat yo ass if you come across her or her friends. always there when
you need her. funny as hell. greeat dancer
.also refers herself as jelly or princess.
2. athletic, bad ass, funny, beautiful, and awesome all rolled up in one skinny
dark curly haired mofo.
Jalisa Jammer Rock lobsta!
by pandeeziie January 12, 2009
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