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something that is totally awesome
girl 1: dude, have u tried that yogurt from Yogurtland?

girl 2: yah dude, its yorgasmic

girl 1: its better than yorgasmic. its jaleel!
by pamelasm May 31, 2007
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sexiest male in the world ;-)
damn he looks good, i wuv him
by emmanem March 22, 2005
A lazy, cry baby, who sits around and looks at retarded parodies all day.
Brother: You don't do anything!

Sister: I know he's such a Jaleel
by ThatOneKid42 June 20, 2011
When a guy or girl doesn’t call back, blows off plans and is completely unavailable. A social pariah who has no intimate connections or exclusive plans EVER!!
What happend to that cutie Maggie you were seeing? She was a total Jaleel.
by spermpen October 26, 2007

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