Someone who is Half Japanese and Half Filipino.
Wow, your friend is half Japanese and half Filipino? That makes him a Jalapeño :)
by Duc Truong July 10, 2008
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As pronounced "jel-ah-peh-no" is a Rickyism for the true pronunciation of "Jalapeno".
Bubbles: "'Hal-eh-pee-no'...not 'jel-eh-peh-no."

Ricky: "What in the fuck are you guys talkin' about?"

Bubbles: "'Hal-eh-pee-no'. That's how you pronounce it."

Ricky: "I know how to pronounce it. I ordered fuckin' 'jel-ah-peh-no'."

by XDavid PolicastroX January 28, 2009
1.)hallow penis
2.) a spicy vegetable
I love jalapenos, except Jon Fall's is a hollow one
by Kendra fan February 21, 2008
A big boned white girl, with a big butt, that a man of latin descent longs for, to make the salsa.
Oh man, look at the jalapeno! I want to make some salsa with her.

That jalapeno would make some great salsa.
by sassywillow45 December 25, 2011
Numb: I just had a jalapeno
by Numberonejrio August 25, 2008

The act of expelling jalapeno seeds from the penis during orgasm. Tthe seeds are secretly inserted into the male urethra before intrercourse and transferred into the vagina during orgasm, causing intense genital burning for both parties.
Yeah, the relationship wasn't working out so I jalapenoed her and unfriended her on facebook
by you_just_got_jalapenoed December 03, 2010
A word used to describe someone that is unable to pronounce their own name.
Sarah: Jade is such a 'Jalapeno'
Laura: Yeh I know, what kind of person doesn't know how to pronounce their own surname?
by Drake1989 July 16, 2011

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