1) a very slow, confused organism that doesnt talk to his brother
2) a kid with a dad who is a drug dealer
3) a kid who never jumps on his trampoline
4) a kid who gives his PSP to his brother, along with everything else
5) a kid who snaps constantly and cant stop
6) a kid who is a bobblehead
7) a kid who dropped his iPod video into a glass of water and got a full rebate
8) a kid who likes to sleep in a box
9) a kid who threw away his dog
10) a kid who is a hypocrite
Note: Sentences correspond with the number definition
1) C'mon timmy, talk to your little brother John. Stop being a Jalal
2) Dont worry, I can get drugs from a Jalal i know in school. Remember, his dad is a drug dealer!
3)Dad: Ok timmy, if i buy you a trampoline, i dont want you to be a jalal and never jump on it!
4) Bro: Thanks for giving me ur PSP. Ur such a jalal. Can i have ur room too? Jalal: Sure.
5) Mom: Timmy, stop snapping! I knew a jalal back in middle school and i dont want you to become like that.
6) Hey, i got a new bobblehead doll of George Bush. But he cant bobble as much as jalal!
7)NO!!!!!!! im a jalal! my iPod fell in a glass of water! now i have to lie my way out for a full rebate!
8)Kid: Mom, beds are boring now. If i sleep in a box, its mobility. I dont have to go to one place. i can take it around everywhere i go. Mom: Fine. Only once a week though. i dont want u being a jalal on me now.
9) My dog's boring now. and it has a thing above its eye, and it looks weird. I'll just throw it away like jalal.
10) Jalal: I'm not a jalal!
by Urban Dictionary May 22, 2006
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The son of a huge mafia boss or just a person in the inner circle of a mafia organization. Includes perks such as travelling over the world (especially europe) and driving a green mercedez.
Just look at that guy, three piece suit, hat, cane, he's such a jalal.

Oh man! Now that we just wacked that guy, we're in the jalal for sure!

I hate that jalal, he's such a fag!
by James Prescott June 05, 2006

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