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Jaiya's are bright people who bring smiles to peoples face, they know everything and are hell of a good liar! Jaiya's get guys with their outstanding eyes and smile! Jaiya's have a sensational, original look that people adore. Jaiya's are leaders but in order to become a good leader you must be a follower! Shopping is a hobbie! Though she might be shy at first just get to know her. Oh and if you lucky to meet a Jaiya you will soon realize she is the life of the party and is the dancing queen/party animal! She can be stubborn at times but thats only because she has a strong opinion on things, try not to argue with her cause she will be no match for you! They are also known for their kind hearts that love to give lots to charities, and Jaiya will give you the best advice on anything no matter what it it!!!:)
That is such a Jaiya thing to do..
by cutepie December 29, 2013
Symbolizes happiness and love. Trying to bring happiness to everyone and everything. They come across as very cute with their silly childish manner. Bubbly and outgoing. Although has a Pleachroic effect. Conspiratorially promotes spiritual and psychic awareness with random insightful comments. Intuitive communicators, allowing them to see past the forefront of people and animals. Has charms not to be denied, manipulating with beauty. A natural flirt. Often put at the centre of attention, and enjoys careers that put them in the limelight. Tend to become reckless with their energy. Procrastination is an affliction. Wears lots of jewellery (mermaids treasure) such as pearls & aquamarine. She is gem; shines bright and gorgeous.
"Do you know Jaiya?"


'"Dude Ik.. I think everyone here thinks that too..!"
by queen lighting April 25, 2016
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