The place where your ass hole gets bigger and bigger by each day that passes.
While having to serve 2 years in jail, Joe's hole got wider and wider by 3 centimeters per month.
by Milf-inator March 09, 2009
a place where you shouldn't drop the soap and give the bully your fruit cocktail.
Let me have your fruit cocktail.

Don't drop the soap!!!
by J April 21, 2004
I'm not going to f***ing jail.
by Foamy Hamtaro December 20, 2010
a word that rhymes with rape.
in jail your gonna get raped.
by jon walalot January 01, 2006
Where Abdi is.
by ccsmashers December 30, 2008
the gayest place ever that faggot pigs put bad ass people that do what they want
that butt fucking fag pig got all his faggot pig fuck buddys and ganged up on me and put me in jail cuz the cops suck COCK AND LOVE IT
by 333 May 10, 2005

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